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Teliani Valley Glekhuri Kisi Qvevri

Teliani Valley Glekhuri Kisi Qvevri

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Teliani Valley Glekhuri Kisi Qvevri

Wine Info

Origin- Georgia

Region- Akhmeta

Grapes- Kisi

Type- Orange

Style- Complex & aromatic, mildly tannic

Alcohol- 13%


Kisi is a native Georgian grape with sweet spice notes and great acidity, perfect for maintaining freshness. Fermentation in Qvevri adds great complexity and texture. Don't chill it, you'll just bring the tannins forward at the expense of the lovely flavours - serve cool, not cold!

Works well with light poultry dishes, charcuterie and salads. Serve cool, not cold.

The wine is made from the traditional Kisi grape grown in the villages of Akhmeta district in south west Kakheti. 100% Kisi grapes are grown in clay and stone soils, whole bunches are fermented in underground qvevri for 6 months, lending the wine it’s amber colour, distinctive flavour and mildly tannic structure.


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