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Famille Delouvin Meunier Perpetuel, NV Champagne

Famille Delouvin Meunier Perpetuel, NV Champagne

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Famille Delouvin Meunier Perpetuel, NV Champagne

Wine Info

Origin- France

Region- Champagne

Grapes- 100% Meunier

Type- Sparkling

Style- Mature, rich, refreshing and fruity with nutty notes and salty finish



Famille Delouvin Meunier Perpetuel is a rare 100% Meunier solera dating from 1992 - 2020. It has a ripe, rich and mature front end, loads of nutty notes with this bright primary fruit note integrated perfectly. Everything just fits brilliantly together and brings you this gorgeous little salty finish. Boasting an optimal balancing of complex flavours and aromas, this delicious blend of flavours creates a distinct and memorable sensory experience. An ideal accompaniment to a wide variety of dishes. This unique and complex blend is not to be missed. Famille Delouvin Meunier Perpetuel is an excellent choice for any occasion and is sure to please.

Geoffrey Delouvin is a 10th generation winemaker working with 7.5 hectares solely in Vandieres. He creates two distinct lines of wines: Delouvin-Nowack and Famille Delouvin. Having tasted the range we instantly fell in love with the latter. Rich and engaging with ample complexity and depth, these wines work heavily with their amazing solera, creating an unbelievable level of texture and persistence.


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