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Espumante Cabriz Bruto

Espumante Cabriz Bruto

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Espumante Cabriz Bruto

Wine Info

Origin - Portugal

Region - DOC Däo

Grape - Bical, Malvasia Fina

Type - Sparkling

Style - Elegant, Brut

Alcohol - 12.5%


The shining star of recent trade tastings. This is the wine that really shows the potential of Portugal for Sparkling wines. Cabriz uses the Traditional champagne method, but there's a twist! This sparkling is made of 3 Portuguese fabulous varietals, no Pinot, no Chardonnay, just pure indigenous Portuguese liquid fun!

These grapes play the most incredible role together.
Expect structure, an elegant mousse, flavoursome ripened pears, combined with an orange compote and zesty uplifting notes!

Silky smooth fine bubbles, thanks to the traditional method of production and fermentation at 16°C, retaining freshness mixed with a buscuity overtone.
With at least 18 months in wine cellar and 3 months in
bottle after disgorgement, this really is a true gem of the Dão at a smashing price point.

Fruity, fresh, yet harmoniously balanced, with a crunchy finish and a captivating mousse that will always get the party started... or keep it going!

Pairs with a selection of canapes, pork belly and other fatty meats. Caviar, sushi and fish and chips.


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