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Dreissigacker, `Vintages` Riesling

Dreissigacker, `Vintages` Riesling

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Dreissigacker, `Vintages` Riesling

Wine Info

Origin- Germany

Region- Rheinhessen

Grapes- Riesling

Type- White

Style- Fresh, dry, fruity, flowery white

Alcohol- 12.5%


This is a pure dry Riesling with invigorating freshness boasting citrus notes, green apple, peach, fresh grass and meadow flowers. The palate is juicy and multi-layered, with good substance and a long, intense finish.

Jochen Dreissigacker has 45 hectares of vineyards in the Rheinhessen, 55% of which are Riesling. All of his wines are certified organic and he describes his transformation to organic viticulture as “the artisan path to purity”. From 2019, Jochen also started following biodynamic principles in order to create the optimal conditions for the grapes to thrive – an approach that he describes as “a long-term investment in nature and wines”. He reduced the yields in the vineyard by creating a much healthier soil, which in turn was lower in vigour. “The path to any truly great wine is to limit the amount of grapes that are allowed to ripen,” says Jochen.

As expected of an organic estate, his approach in the cellar is as natural as possible, using only indigenous yeasts to ferment the must and harvesting only fully ripe grapes. All his wines, with the exception of the Auslese, are fermented to full dryness. The felicitous position of his vineyards, low yields and Jochen’s determination to pick at optimum ripeness ensures full flavour and eliminates any need for residual sugar to balance unripe flavours.

Jochen’s latest project, ‘Vintages’, reinforces his reputation for innovation. Inspired by the meticulous work of the cellar masters in Champagne, Jochen is determined to showcase that still wines can gain depth and complexity from the skilful blending of different, but complementary, vintages.

`Vintages` Riesling is a pure dry wine blending the uniqueness of five harvests: the fine ripe aromas from 2017, the balance from 2018, the elegance from 2019, the mineral freshness from 2020 and the youthful aromatics from 2021.

The fruit for the `Vintages` Riesling is sourced from a selection of Jochen’s vineyards within the village of Bechtheim. The best sites include Hasensprung, Geyersberg and the neigbouring Rosengarten. These vineyards see plenty of sunshine all year round, resulting in richer wines, full of character. Soil is made up of loess and marl. Jochen's approach in the vineyard is simple: to intervene as little as possible. Low yields and careful selection ensures excellent fruit.


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