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Champagne Intuition Brut

Champagne Intuition Brut

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Champagne Intuition Brut

Wine Info

Origin- France

Region- Champagne

Grapes- Chardonnay 58%, Pinot Meunier 28%, Pinot Noir 14%

Type- Sparkling, white

Style- Elegant, balanced, fresh, fruity, buttery Champagne

Alcohol- 12.5%


The family estate's incredible diversity comes to life in this remarkable signature blend. Picture this: the finesse and elegance of Chardonnay, with its white stone fruit and delicate citrus notes. Then you've got the Pinot Meunier, adding a smooth, exotic twist that's oh-so-comforting. And let's not forget the Pinot Noir, bringing that intense structure and a burst of flavor to the party. The result? A wine that's like a masterpiece of concentration, balance, and poise – the epitome of classic Champagne. You'll find richness, elegance, and that timeless buttery character that just hits the spot.

Whether you're in the mood for a delightful aperitif or looking to pair it with something scrumptious, this Intuition Brut NV is your go-to. Soft cheeses, creamy risottos, or those light and lovely fish dishes – it's like a culinary adventure waiting to happen.

This is a blend of Chardonnay from Chouilly and Vitry, Pinot Meunier from Leuvrigny, and Pinot Noir from Les Riceys and Epernay. They stick to the classic méthode champenoise for the magic to happen. Only the first press is used, and it gets a low-temperature fermentation in stainless steel. After that, it stays for 10 months on the lees, getting all cozy and flavorful. Then comes the star moment – secondary fermentation in the bottle, followed by a glorious 36 months of lees aging right there. The dosage adds just the right touch of sweetness – 7g/l to be exact.


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