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Bottega Vinai Trentino Sauvignon Blanc

Bottega Vinai Trentino Sauvignon Blanc

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Bottega Vinai Trentino Sauvignon Blanc

Wine Info

Origin- Italy

Region- Trentino

Grapes- Sauvignon Blanc

Type- White

Style- Juicy, fruity white

Alcohol- 13%


This wine has some cool aromas going on – think nettle, elderflower, tropical fruit, and a burst of lemon zest. When you take a sip, it's like a juicy explosion of flavors with zesty lemon vibes and the yumminess of white peach and yellow mango. The texture is spot on, and it wraps up with a nice, flowery finish.

Now, let's talk food. This wine and prawn risotto are like a match made in foodie heaven. Or, how about twirling some spaghetti with clams and enjoying it with a glass of this goodness? And don't even get me started on the combo of goat cheese and grilled white meat – they're like the dynamic duo of deliciousness. So, whether you're having a fancy dinner or just hanging out, this wine has your back for a seriously tasty time.


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