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Beaune 1er Cru En L'Orme Domaine Philippe Germain

Beaune 1er Cru En L'Orme Domaine Philippe Germain

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Beaune 1er Cru En L'Orme Domaine Philippe Germain

Wine Info

Origin- France

Region- Burgundy

Grapes- Pinot Noir

Type- Red

Style- Earthy, savoury and elegant with ripe red and black fruits

Alcohol- 13.5%


Straight from the Germain's special vineyard, this wine is like a big, friendly scent bomb: loads of ripe blackberries, cherry compote, and a sprinkle of baking spice, all wrapped up with a bit of a grip. The soil here is full of clay goodness, which adds a luxurious and slightly decadent feel to every sip. It's like a power move on your taste buds, finishing off with a smooth, velvety texture and just the right touch of tannins.

Now, let's chat about Philippe – this guy went from a fancy insurance gig in Paris to taking over his family's winery in the charming village of Nantoux, super close to Meursault. He's been rocking it, expanding the estate to 13 hectares spread across 6 cool villages in the Cote de Beaune region.

And here's a cool fact: They're all about being eco-friendly. They've got this HVE certification thing going on, which is like a badge of honor for being awesome to the environment. No herbicides or insecticides here – they're all about those gentle, low-impact techniques. Plus, they're all about giving the soil some serious TLC – making it healthier, better at holding water and CO2, and even encouraging
biodiversity. It's like they're throwing a party for the earth while making seriously tasty wine.


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